Your Journey Begins

Welcome to Discovery House – a place where learning is an adventure.

Point Lobos, California

Explore the World

While traveling is the best way to experience the world, you can also discover its wonders through reading, videos, research, and hands-on activities. At Discovery House we encourage all methods of exploration in every area of the world around us.

Discover Unlimited Wonder

Meet different people, cultures, traditions, and landscapes in our home environment. Explore connections in mathematics, space, the human body, plants, animals, and nutrition.

We Enjoy Hands-On Learning

Doing makes learning come alive. We encourage our participants to explore areas of interest and use all areas of study to make their experience memorable.

What People Say

WOW! Sounds spectacular. I believe this is an idea that will take off, especially with what is going on right now in our world. Parents want a safe place for their kids to go. This is brilliant!

Janetta Messmer

A Variety of Options

We make it easy for your family to use Discovery House in a way that will suit your educational needs, schedule, and budget. Discovery House is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday all year long (except for legal holidays) for participants ages six through sixteen. Family discounts available for multiple children.

Full Time Discovery

Choose to have your child participate any seven or more hours per day. Lunch breaks as well as plenty of opportunity for learning adventure. Pay monthly or get a discount with annual prepayment.

Part Time Discovery

Two different part-time options exist. Depending on your situation, your child can participate in learning adventures for four to seven hours daily. Pay monthly or get a discount with annual prepayment.

Drop-In Discovery

Use a prepaid pass to participate for up to three hours per day as a drop-in. Great for homeschoolers who want a little extra or traditional school attendees who need a few after school hours to explore.

Exclusive Offer

Get free discovery days!

Who doesn’t like a discount? Let us tell you how you can get some free discovery days for your family.