Welcome to Our House

We love learning. Every day the world around us holds so much for us to discover. What are some things you wonder about? How are houses built? What does an armadillo eat? Which snakes are poisonous? Where do diamonds come from? What does annihilate mean?

Couldn’t we go on all day?

At Discovery House, we encourage kids to ask questions and find the answers or solutions. Our goal is for kids to love learning. Exploring and discovering create an adventure in learning.

Sometimes we need a little help.

Our mentors are available to answer questions and to inspire kids by asking them the right kinds of questions. Questions that help them think for themselves. Not simply expecting them to spit out answers they memorized for a test and will forget shortly afterwards because the information had no relational context for them.

At Discovery House we use various methods to help instill and foster a love of learning. Thus, we are able to meet the needs of every family who uses our facility by employing a mixture of these styles.

Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason describes in detail what she calls the five flavors of Homeschooling in the following video. Her descriptions and the “quiz” she uses to help parents figure out what best describes their family is a great example of how Discovery House works.

Check out the rest of our site for more details on how Discovery House works.

We are currently in process of obtaining the property, licensing and permits to open Discovery House in the Fall of 2020. For anyone interested in investing in this unique educational opportunity, here is our GoFundMe link.

Whether you’re a Lee County, Florida parent looking for a different option for your family or anyone interested in furthering a new way of corporate learning, we’d love to hear from you at ourdiscoveryhouse@gmail.com

We appreciate your comments and sharing!

Published by Laura Bennet

Encouraging others one story at a time. Author, speaker, educator. Wife, mother, grandmother, ocean lover, hockey fan. Sold out for Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Our House

  1. Laura, I love this. It’s something that has crossed my mind while homeschooling my kids. In OK we had a network, allowing parents to teach other homeschooling children, and what started out as something small exploded. I know this will be an awesome program. I pray that the Lord uses this vehicle to bring a whole new meaning to learning which will include lifestyle principles under a spiritual umbrella. This is AWESOME !!!! Fort Myers needs this.

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