In School or Out of School?

So much talk of when kids can go back to school. I get that parents are trying to navigate it all. They need to work and having kids around doesn’t make for an easy or even manageable way to do that. Whether mom and dad work at home or have to work outside the home, it can be a crazy challenge.

Sometimes that calls for a new strategy.

I really like a couple of VRBO ads that show families enjoying “vacation” while the kids are outdoors compiling objects for a report or examining their surroundings. Parents are shown on their computers (presumably working) at times, but also spending valuable time with their children. Discussions, play, and exploring are all part of the learning process. Parents are the first teachers.

Recently one of my children took to the highway, staying with friends, family and in AirBNB’s with their spouse and two kids. They sold most of their things, packed up the rest and headed out. The adults work remotely – a situation they asked their employers about and were miraculously granted in amazing fashion – and the kids are learning in the process. Their education is in a huge part based on the adventures they are experiencing along the road. What an incredible year they will have and are already enjoying!

School doesn’t have to look like a building (or zoom room) with a bunch of kids and a certified teacher. It can, but it doesn’t have to. Learning comes from experience more than anything.

What experiences are your kids having today?

Published by Laura Bennet

Encouraging others one story at a time. Author, speaker, educator. Wife, mother, grandmother, ocean lover, hockey fan. Sold out for Jesus.

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