Educate or Indoctrinate?

In California, a proposed curriculum is encouraging chanting to the Aztec gods of human sacrifice. A private school in New York has released new guidelines for eliminating words like mom, dad, son, daughter and any gender specific references. And those are only two of numerous examples of the current educational situation.

Call me crazy, but if my kids were currently in school, I’d be a little concerned.

Okay, a lot concerned.

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Not only is the current situation stifling youngsters with outdated methods that only cater to one set of learners (sit and listen to lecture), but many schools, cities, counties and states are deciding what to add or delete to indoctrinate our children.

This is only one reason I chose to home educate my children. As a parent, I want to be the one to decide what they learn and how they learn it. Especially if they are being taught outside philosophies that contradict our family beliefs.

For example, at one point when our children did attend elementary school, we discovered our first grader’s class was participating in yoga classes which encouraged emptying their minds meditation. I realize a number of people welcome yoga as a physical exercise practice, but I don’t believe the school should be the one to teach my child what or how they should meditate on.

Every family is entitled to their beliefs. Ours happens to be following Jesus Christ and the Bible. Yours may not. But isn’t that the point? Shouldn’t each family get to decide what’s best for their students?


Family is now a word in question that means many other living situations because according to some educators, “mom,” “dad,” “boy,” and “girl” are no longer acceptable.

Now’s the time to really be aware of what is going on in schools while we still have freedom to choose our path of instruction.

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