Questioning School Content

I don’t know about you, but I’m concerned about the growing content in schools that focuses on political agenda, sexual orientation, and racism. What happened to reading, writing, and math?

I don’t have children in school anymore. Our youngest son is a junior in college. But I have grand kids, friends who have kids, and friends who are teachers. Let’s just say we’re all stunned that education has come to this.

That said, Discovery House embraces a lifestyle of learning. It allows children to explore the world of language, art, math, science, history, culture, dance, music, food, and fun so they can learn, create, and problem solve. Not test take.

As we continue to look for suitable properties and funding, I’d love to get feedback on whether that kind of an environment would be appealing to you.

We’re not a school, but we learn a lot!

We’re not a museum, but we have hands-on experiences that foster questions and help us discover.

We’re not a day care. Participation by students and even parents is expected and applauded.

We’re a family of lifestyle learners who want more that sitting at a desk, taking tests, and reading or watching questionable material.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Check out the rest of our website for more information. Please give me a thumbs up or comment in the section below.

(Currently, we’re in Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida, but I hope to open and expand in numerous places.)

Published by Laura Bennet

Encouraging others one story at a time. Author, speaker, educator. Wife, mother, grandmother, ocean lover, hockey fan. Sold out for Jesus.

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