About Us

Welcome to Discovery House where learning is an adventure in exploration.

You’re invited into our house to discover the world.

Each room is an adventure in mathematics, science, language, history, art, music, and culinary exploration. Enjoy daily learning at your own pace with friends or by yourself. If you have questions or need to be pointed in a certain direction, we have mentors available to help you.

Discovery House is the culmination of my forty years of teaching experience in private, public, coaching, and home school settings as well as my private tutoring experience into a home-style facility where children can learn in a family friendly environment of exploration with mentors available for encouragement and guidance. Participants will enjoy the process of learning and growing through the use of the facility.

According to John Holt, American educator and developer of the Unschool Movement,

“… the human animal is a learning animal; we like to learn; we are good at it; we don’t need to be shown how or made to do it. What kills the processes are the people interfering with it or trying to regulate it or control it.” 

“What children need is not new and better curriculum but access to more of the real world; plenty of time and space to think over their experiences, and to use fantasy and play to make meaning out of them.” 

We believe in the “unschool” approach to education introduced and proven by John Holt in the 1980’s. His vast experiences in education led him to realize how the education system we had embraced as a nation stifled the true love of learning that all of us are born with.

Learning should be a lifestyle of daily exploration and discovery in a safe environment where children are encouraged to ask questions, solve problems, and develop answers. They should be free to play and interact with their world. Doing leads to the best learning. Discovery House offers an environment where children learn by getting their hands dirty, so to speak. They are encouraged to expand their world in the way that best fits their unique learning style.

Discovery House is NOT a school. It is not an after-school program or child care facility. We are not teachers in the traditional sense of speaking in front of a classroom full of students sitting at desks, but we love teaching by encouraging participants to discover for themselves. We walk alongside to cheer on our charges and answer their questions. The questions we ask are to help them think not simply to regurgitate information. And we offer workshops in various subject areas.

At Discovery House, we believe in giving back to our community and the world beyond us.

We’re here for families. We work with parents. We offer solutions to your educational needs with our flexible options.

So what are you waiting for? Let the adventure begin.

Laura Bennet – Founder and Director

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