It’s Working =)

Picture taken by student on our nature walk.

We started on a small scale this week with our first student in our home environment. This participant is enjoying our unschooling approach and has already learned and accomplished so much in a couple of days. I’m having a blast with this incredible young person who didn’t “fit in” with a traditional school style. This individual is intelligent, interesting, talkative in a positive, creative way, and eager to learn. All characteristics that others had expressed were not true – in fact they claimed the exact opposite!

I love to see children blossom when given a chance to discover a lifestyle of learning!

If you’re in the Fort Myers, FL (Lee or Collier County) area and need a different approach for your child, please feel free to contact me.

Let’s talk about how we can help your child learn to love learning!

Published by Laura Bennet

Encouraging others one story at a time. Author, speaker, educator. Wife, mother, grandmother, ocean lover, hockey fan. Sold out for Jesus.

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